Age Of Empires Patch Download

Age Of Empires Patch v1.0c Free Updated Download

Age of Empires Patch: The Era of Kings Update 2.0a features many improvements and fixes, including the AI update, changes in the town center, improved the performance of a single player campaign video games, and also improved overall stableness. You can no hard use a netting ship to build structures other than a pan fish trap. The supportive farming bug has recently stayed fixed. Some computer player and circumstance editor bugs have also remained fixed.

Age Of Empires Patch v1.0c Free Updated Download

Brief Description:    

Take up one of history’s a dozen mightiest civilizations! Command the Greek phalanx, the planet’s best infantry for centuries. Begin with the chariots of Hittites, or with Assyrians. Build up the huge agricultural empire of Egypt, Babylon, or Sumerian. Eclipse World sea occupation as the Phoenicians or as the Minoans. Each World has pros and cons and can research different technologies. It has Guidebook to the Persians from their small enclave to importance as a world electric energy. The Civilization you decide to play will depend on the victory conditions of the game and the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. No more than one player can select the same civilization. In a multi-player cooperative game, two or more players can pick the same player number and share control of a single culture. For example, if the world has intensive seas, choose to experience a civilization with advantages in ship building or speed (Yamato, Phoenician, and Minoan).

Age Of Empires Patch v1.0c Free Updated Download

Features of Age of Empires Patch v1.0c:

Age of Empires Patch: It features many updates and bugs fixed and include the following

  • It has multiple levels of difficulty.
  • Outstanding computer player AI that does not rely on cheating.
  • Amazing animations and graphics for terrain, products and building.
  • Twelve different civilizations to choose from, each has its unique pros and cons.
  • Victory conditions include the conquest, time limit, score, exploration, wonders and more.
  • It has 100-Node Technology Tree; more systems than can be achieved during a single game.
  • Robust community benefits allow players to exchange sources and share intellect.
  • Fully integrated campaign editor tool, scenario builder and randomly world generator.
  • In-game rating displayed only for the active players.
  • It includes cooperative and deathmatch modes.
  • In-game and postgame schedule illustrate the rise and fall of each World over the course of play.
  • Multiple selections of up to twenty-five units at one time.
  • Over 50 actual combat units updates and has the building types.
  • Structures upgrade and become more complicated over time simulating the passage of thousands of years.

System requirements for Age of Empires Patch v1.0c:

  • PC: Pentium 166 MHZ or higher.
  • RAM: 258 MB or greater.
  • Hard disk: 100 MB.
  • VGA: Resolution 1024×768 resolution
  • VRAM: 2MB

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