Alien Skin Exposure Crack Full Version

Alien Skin Exposure X 1.1 Crack Full Version

The latest on offer from the makers at Alien Skin in the line of Exposure software is the Exposure. The software is a photo editing and emulating tool that does not distort the clarity and retains the resolution of the images.The present version of the software is a direct successor to its previous versions as it features unique features and enhanced functionality. With dual-functionality as an installable plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom and a photo editor, the software has gained popularity among professional photographers. The user-interface, unlike other editing software, is much simpler enabling the software to be more accessible to its users.

Alien Skin Exposure X 1.1 Crack Full Version

The software takes pride in a near-perfect combination of simple interface and non-destructive editing, along with the ability to organize, process, and store photos. Unlike other editors, the software does not use a catalog file to open photos as it opens them directly from their source folders. The interface can be operated from separated modules that display an entire set of tools that can be used for editing photos. Apart from the modules, the application’s interface is completely customizable and configurable as per requirement of the user.

The software is available for $149 for both the complete editor as well as the plug-in version from the maker’s official website. The plugin works well with CC 2015 and newer versions of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Users of the previous version of the software get upgrades free, unlike new users that are charged $99.

Key Features Of Alien Skin Exposure Crack

  • Proprietary non-destructive editing that restores image clarity after editing
  • Stack multiple filters and effects to create a unique effect for the image
  • Ability to operate from multiple monitors and windows with Multiple Monitor Support
  • The filters are preset to show only the photos that you are interested in
  • Dragging an image file or folder containing images into an Exposure window creates a bookmark for that particular file or folder.
  • The thumbnails, preview panels, and additional panels are equipped with metadata display.
  • It is available for both Apple’s Mac OS X and Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.

Main Pros and Cons


  • There are several filters and effects to choose from including classical, vintage, and retro filters
  • With stackable effects, the rendered photo is enhanced with filters and effects without compromising the clarity of the image.
  • Functions as both independent photo editor and film emulator software as well as an additional plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.


  • Limited support for raw camera file formats thereby restricting options for input.
  • Heavier image files reduced processing speed and increased the time required for operation.
  • As the features of both the independent photo editor and the plugin are the same, operating on both could be redundant.

Most Common Users: Professional photographers and budding artists can utilize the software to edit their images without having to compromise on the quality of the image as Exposure X offers non-destructive editing.

Author Note: Exposure X crack is a perfect photo-editing software that has several effects to choose from to enhance the image while providing a simple and user-friendly interface for its users.

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