Filmora Video Editor Crack + Registration Code

Filmora Video Editor 8.5.3 Crack + Registration Code

Filmora crack is popularly known for its video editing prowess. It is built and created for amateurs who have no time in understanding complex features and tools in editing video. It performs the task of editing videos and creating new videos as well. It is capable of editing videos that have high resolutions. You can find the tools that can work on both video and audio files. It is very cheap and affordable for users to buy. Users have the opportunity of utilizing tools like applying of effects tool, customizing of videos, and also the application of different styles.

This application offers their users different opportunities of making their editing of a video professional. Users can make use of animations, adding overlays to video, use of GIFs, images, texts, music and so on. They use all these tools and features on videos. Some of the instances that Filmora is useful are during a class presentation, birthday parties, the creation of stories, making tributes and also giving a dedication speech. You can even go to the extent of recording your own voice with this app and add it to your video. In addition, tools like cropping of footage, tilt-shifting tool, are part of the excellent tools in it. The cropping of the footage is used to increase and decrease videos size and make a video to fit into a given play time. The tilt-shifting tool is applied to a video to blur a particular part in a video. It is also used to create emphasis on a particular scene. Filmora can also use to adjust the settings of a particular video. It can rotate or flip video. It also acts as an amplifier component i.e. removes and filters noise present in a video.

Another desirable feature of this software is the split screen tool. Split screen tool enables a user to create videos that are working simultaneously with the aid of putting multiple clips together. This particular feature is usually located at the left side of the Filmora software interface. It is on the left side below some other icons. The icons that can be found under the split screen tool are adding filters icon, adding music, apply transitions to videos, adding files, adding videos, and adding texts. Split screen has several options that make video working simultaneously possible. It contains options like the arrangement of screens, correct placement of screens. You can also find the option of choosing the first screen to be played and which screen to be played last. A split screen is a stylish tool that enriches the creativity of creating new videos.

Filmora also has the feature known as the advanced text editor. You can do many things with this tool. It is versatile in nature just like the one explained above. It is however simple even though it seems to contain many functions. It can be used to reduce the volume of a clip when the clip is at a point of displaying some typed text. You only need to copy the part you have included text and apply the effect of reducing the volume on it. You can as well split some part into portions in other to be able to add text in between. As a user is adding text, animations and beautiful effects can be added alongside. This software permits users to make use of text editing option in diverse ways. The software makes provision for preset text customization but this does not stop users from customizing their own text. You can make the text look interesting and attractive than the default text provided. Options like bold, font size, font style, and even italic style are present in the text editor tool. Users can also change the color fill of texts, they can also add a shadow or even border to those texts. This feature cannot be underestimated because it is very vital when it comes to making videos to be more efficient and professional in nature.

Filmora Video Editor 8.5.3 Crack + Registration Code

Features of Filmora full crack keygen free download

The features of Filmora are listed beneath

  • Split Screen
  • Tilt-Shift
  • Advanced Text Editing
  • Mosaic (Blurring)
  • Layer Multiple Video Clips
  • Video & Audio Controls
  • Audio-Mixer
  • Screen Recording
  • Creation of Backgrounds with the use of Chroma Key
  • Audio Separation
  • Video Stabilization
  • Scene Detection
  • Audio Equalizer
  • Color Grouping Presets
  • 4K Resolution Editing Support
  • Social Import
  • GIF Support
  • Speed Control
  • Noise Removal
  • Frame by Frame Preview

System Requirements

  • It supports operating system like Windows OS and Mac OS
  • It does not occupy too much of space on the hard disk

How to crack Filmora

Follow the steps below to be able to crack and register Filmora

  1. You will need to download this software crack setup files first.
  2. Make sure what you downloaded is supported by an operating system of your device.
  3. Double-click on the .dmg file you have downloaded.
  4. Some instructions will follow suit. Follow them until you get to the last stage
  5. Then the installation will be completed.

How to Register Filmora

The unregistered version of Filmora is limited to some features alone. Watermark is always added to any video created with the unregistered version. In other to remove this watermark, users have to get the registration code of this software. Therefore, the first step in getting Filmora registered is to get the registration code. Next step is to start Filmora software. Then, click on the register button that is located on the top right corner of Filmora software. A window will come up and request for the registration code. Insert the registration code you have into it. The final step is for you to click on register button.


  • Filmora is an application that anyone can just make use of and learn what the software is all about without any stress.
  • Videos are produced with little or no stress.


  • Filmora is too simple for a video editor to come up with a professional output.
  • It does not contain features that are advanced for video editing. Features like closed captions, sound configurator, and others are not included in this software.

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