windows 7 product key lists [Updated Key]

windows 7 product key lists [Updated Key] {2017}

Ever since Windows’s introduction in 1985, Microsoft Windows 7 product key has won the hearts of millions of fans across the world. It was an instant hit among early users and has been synonymous with the word operating system. Most of us started using computers that ran previous versions of Windows; I still fondly remember my first experience with Windows 98 back in school. Their most successful avatar was the Windows XP; there it was so far ahead of its time and provided robust performance. Even today after Microsoft stopped support; thousands of PCs run it. After the immensely popular XP, the Windows Vista that followed it was a huge disappointment. Vista was a nightmare for Microsoft; even though it had improved feature lists, the performance was dull.  Microsoft needs Vista-like features with the XP level performance and reliability. Windows 7 keys were born out of this necessity; let us look at what Windows 7 has to offer.

Key Features Of Windows 7 product key List

  • Improvements to Windows Start button and Taskbar
  • Option to pin applications to Taskbar
  • Improved user accounts control system
  • Legacy support
  • Improved Aero theme functions
  • Support for touch user interface
  • Improved speed and reliability
  • Moderate system requirements
  • Improved media player
  • Advance inbuilt search
  • Library features for file management
  • Windows Action Center

Main Pros and Cons:

  • Stable and reliable functioning: one the main reasons why Vista failed to impress was its performance problems. There were a lot of glitches and bugs need attention with, but Windows 7 product key is much more stable and reliable
  • Minimum hardware requirement and better software compatibility: Vista was a resource hungry operating system and demanded a lot of RAM and processing power for its time. Windows 7 doesn’t require a huge leap in hardware and the software compatibility has also improved over time.
  • Desktop management: Windows 7 comes with improvements to the Aero theme. It comes with nifty features like Aero-shake, staking and Aero Peek. Redesigned taskbar remind us of the Mac with the option to pin applications.
  • Hassle in upgrading: Windows XP cannot be directly upgraded to Windows 7 what this means is that to install Windows 7, we need to format the system first and then install it fresh.
  • Not the best regarding security: There has been a downgrade in security front to make the OS more user-friendly. There are still a lot of vulnerabilities compared to Linux and Mac.

windows 7 product key lists [Updated Key] {2017}

Most frequent users:

Like its predecessors, Windows 7 has a lot of versions to choose from. Windows has never been cheap, it does ask for a premium, but it is only Windows that can do what Windows does, so be ready to pay according to your needs. There is almost a version for every class of users from home and students to professionals.

Final Remarks

Personally, I do favor Windows that might be because I grew up with it. Even though I had used Linux based systems and Mac, there is something that pulls us towards Windows. Like its predecessors, Windows 7 product keys do hold its charm over the loyalists like me.

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windows 7 product key lists


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